Welcome to Travelhome Park


Our park is BOOKED FULL for the season.
* We are not accepting reservations.
* We cannot accommodate overnight stays.
* Sorry, no tent camping available.

Travelhome RV Park is an unusually rare find for recreational vehicle travelers in the northern California area. It is located right in the middle of the urban Yuba City /Marysville community and is therefore convenient to shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The Park is a pleasant, shady, and quiet oasis amid the hustle-bustle of the largest populated area between Sacramento and Chico. Overnight RVers are always welcome.

Travelhome RV Park owners David and Susan Franklin purchased the property in 1989 and have been making improvements ever since. David & Susan are RVers with a lot of miles on their rig, so they know what RVers want in an RV park.

We hope you will take some time to look at our web site. As you view the different pages, you’ll not only learn more about Travelhome RV Park, but you see photos of the park too.